Olivia Williams: To vote or not to vote

To vote or not to vote, that is the question.

With elections for local and regional councils being held in Aarhus today and has left many international students conflicted on whether to vote or not.

Poster campaign for Steffan Wich of the Socialdemokretiet Party. Credit; Olivia Williams
Outside a polling station in Aarhus, with people entering to vote. Credit; Olivia Williams

The second biggest city in Denmark has around 283 thousand living in it and welcomes a large network of Erasmus Students coming in and out of the place every year. The students who have traveled from within the European Union (or are EU citizens) are elidable to vote in local and regional elections, although opinion is torn as to whether this is fair.

I spoke with some Danish citizens to see how they, as Danes, feel about it,  

Emil Faber “I can see both sides, but this vote is for how the city is to be run and managed and international people who have been here, some longer than Danes, will have a valid opinion on what is good and isn’t good in Aarhus”

Fredrik Schneider “I don’t agree with the fact that people from outside Denmark are able to vote. International students are here for a few months to a year most, so why should they get any say?”

Signe Pedersen “I’m not too sure why international students would want to vote, especially if they are only here for a few months but if they are studying here for a while then I think that is fair”

These mixed options run throughout Aarhus, further leaving international students undecided on what the best option is to do.

This article has targeted an international audience, as well as a Danish audience, who may or may not have an opinion on this matter.




Emil Faber: Interview – Face to Face. Contact: emilfaber@gmail.com

Fredrik Schneider: Interview – Face to Face. Contact: fschnieder@gmail.com

Signe Pedersen: Interview – Face to Face.

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