1. This story is for everybody, but I had the people from Bilbao in mind while doing it. I wanted them to see how Aarhus has recovered and has been able to come back to normal after COVID, because is something that might seem to be quite far away for their citizens.

  2. I love how original it was. I like the idea of using the Prezi. I was really smooth and easy to follow. I think it’s well done. A suggestion I would make is to offer some statistics, to give a more professional view. Always try to have something to back up what you’re saying. It’s hard to get pictures of Bilbao due to you being in Denmark, but I think it was great to have what have, especially in such a limited time frame.

  3. I really enjoyed the presentation. I felt that the visuals and transitions between each point helped to keep the audience’s attention and interest. I also think the use of Itsaso’s own photos helped to create a more personal assignment.

  4. I think this is an informative way to answer the assignment. I find it to be interactive, which is great. I would perhaps liked a more personal view, however it was great to compare the two countries.

  5. I enjoyed the comparison between two different cities, and you used the pictures taken in Bilbao to your advantage. The overall presentation was also clean and easy to read, with not too much text.

    Talking about your own experience in Aarhus gave it a personal touch, which is useful to make a difficult subject easier to understand, although I agree with the previous suggestion of including statistics. This could just strengthen the information and make it more trustworthy.

    You have definitely been able to tell a story about the situation here for your audience at home, and it is clear where you are.

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