In It Together – Maia Galmés Feuer

03-09-2021, Aarhus (Denmark)

It seems like it was two months ago when I was waving my mom goodbye at the airport in Palma while drying a few tears off my cheeks. But it has only been two weeks. I guess what they say about our brain calculating time by the number of experiences that we have must be true.

I feel that I have learned so much in these two weeks, and this is only the start of my journey here in Denmark. Aside from meeting amazing and very special people, I have been able to experience Aarhus, which is the city I’m living in, in its full splendor, as the city’s festival has finally been able to take place, after two years of pandemic. This festival is about culture, music and art, and about getting together with your loved ones, just like they say about Christmas, although this is held in the summer. The theme of this year’s festival is “In It Together”, which represents the sense of collectivity when fighting a worldwide pandemic and getting over it thanks to everybody’s work, patience and solidarity towards each other.

Although I have also started school and I’m kind of busy easing into my new everyday routine, I have also made time to go down in the city and see different events, as the festival only lasts 10 days that are now almost over, as it started last Friday, 27 August.

I am writing this letter as I would love to share my experience with you, so that you fall in love with this city, its people and its homeliness as much I have, and you finally buy the tickets to come see me. 😉

First of all, I have to say all streets smelled like beer, but not like an alcohol hangover student apartment, but rather a warm and cozy yeasty smell that reminded me of gatherings and familiar smiles. Besides, I could actually see people smiling, as the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted and masks are not mandatory anymore.

The Festival, therefore, was not only due in the daytime, which was unexpectedly clear-skied and sunny throughout the whole week, but also at night, when the city was lit up by little colored lanterns and when the young people were able to feel young, wild and free once again.

Actually, there were events directed to one age group or another, but other exhibitions, music concerts or art shows that were aimed to all ages. People that walked up and down the streets were not city-rushed, but rather relaxed and charmed by the music that was overheard from different bars that had their doors wide open and their chairs all full. While walking, you would feel the music beat in your chest, and hear the freedom from the slightly louder voices of the Aarhusians, who often need a little alcohol push so as to let go.

I can’t really explain much more in words, and since I know this is not enough to make you buy the plane tickets straight away, I have made a video so that you can see it for yourselves. Still, I genuinely recommend you come because even though the city won’t be lit up by the Festival, the Danes give it strength and warmth and make it shine very much on its own.  

Love xx,


  1. This piece of writing is written in a way that makes you not only imagine the festival in detail but also lets you feel what it would be like to be there, and that’s what makes the writing really great :). You know who you are directing the letter at and why which gives the piece purpose!

  2. This story is for everybody, but I had my friends from home in mind while doing it. Despite the fact that I would not write it in English, but in Catalan, I do plan to explain my experience to them, and I am constantly asking them to buy plane tickets to come visit me.

  3. I can really feel the energy and spirit of the festival, I love it! I would maybe like some more specific details about the events of the festival, but I guess you can find that online. Also, I really appreciate the directive speech.

  4. – What makes it a good idea, and why?
    I love the personal view and that you can really imagine yourself being in the situation that is described. It is easy to read and to get the points even though it’s not the most common journalistic format.
    – Is it well done? And, suggest an improvement or change.
    It is. Also the video adds a lot of the athmosphere. Great job with matching the cuts and the rhythm of the background sound.

    – To what extent does it really show the place/situation for the audience/ people elsewhere?
    It is a more personal view on the situation but I think you can still distribute it to a broader community and even though they might not know you, they will still get the point.

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