1. This story is for everybody, but I had my classmates from my home university in mind while doing it. I had written the story for an audience who most likely had never heard of the Aarhus festival and have very little knowledge about Aarhus as a city. Therefore, I gave some background about the festival and the traditions before talking about what the festival is and the events that happened this year.

  2. This is an excellent overview of the festival for those who do not know anything bout it, or would like to know more, as it provides details of its history as well as current information- mainly this year’s theme and the impact of Covid.

    It is well laid out and easy to read as the information flows well. The use of a video adds to the strong visual elements already present. There appears to be a heading without any subsequent information, so either removing this or adding text would optimise this flow.

    The text is very descriptive and helps to tell a story (the overall situation), which is supported with relevant images. Together, they set the scene very well and make clear where the story is set.

  3. This is a very useful presentation for somebody who might not know anything about the festival. You have provided some history in addition to some information about the situation of COVID so you have been able to combine both things. A very enjoyable way to talk about the situation of Aarhus and while presenting their famous festival.

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