Covid-19: What is allowed in Denmark – Jule

A brief overview of the Corona restrictions in Denmark.

This story is for everybody, but I had my german friends and fellow students in mind while doing it.

  1. I like that is gives specific information and it’s not that long, so everybody will watch it until the end. The music goes with it nicely and makes it more catching. If it would come in my feed when I would be just scrolling Instagram, I would definitely finish watching it.

  2. – What makes it a good idea, and why?
    I believe that this is a great idea, because it is a short but very complete video that combines written description with visual footage of the Covid-19 situation in the city.

    – Is it well done? And, suggest an improvement or change.
    I believe it is very well done, as it is very visual and easy to watch in the sense that if you are in the middle of a noisy street you can still get every bit of its information just by reading it. Besides, I want to highlight the last question “doesn’t really feel like a pandemic, right?”, as it is very well put in the video and it makes the viewer really take a moment to think about it. As for a change I would maybe include some data (like percentages or so) on the amount of Covid cases there has been or similar. Still, I do not think it is necessary because I feel this video is complete per se.

    – To what extent does it really show the place/situation for the audience/ people elsewhere?
    It is very well contextualized, as the location is mentioned in the written messages, but also in the clips. Besides, the clips show different parts of the city that are relevant in the context of the explanation, like the supermarket or the bus stop clips, for example.

  3. – What makes it a good idea, and why?
    This is a really well done, compact video which means you dont lose interest. Its interesting as it summarises a lot through text and video footage. Both work very well together
    – Is it well done? And, suggest an improvement or change.
    It is very well done and marries the footage with a not too wordy informative selection of words. Maybe a very short vox pop interview wouldve been interesting to get a locals opinion on the question.
    – To what extent does it really show the place / situation for the audience / people elsewhere?
    Locations are backed up with the text, which instantly tells you where you are. The range of places covered is very broad and it shows many areas. Great!

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