1. This was put together very well. Very boujee. What made it good was that it was very to the point and easy to navigate. It was also easy to follow along with. Great flow. My suggestion would be to add more statistics. I think you can never go wring with having facts to back you up from a great source. I think it showed Ireland and Denmark well. Her presentation wasn’t visual based like the other videos and presentations. Her style with the PDF fit well.

  2. The presentation seems so professional and the information is presented in a very enjoyable way. I love how the data is totally understandable and very easy to read because if it had been written in a long text it might have been too much information for the reader. However, by putting it in a chart is more original while comparing the different situtation of Ireland and Denmark.

  3. This is very professional done, I love the use of the Danish colours for the pictogram ;)) I would argue this is both informative and personal at the same time, which is great! Love how you have easily compared Irland and Denmark with the graphs. Great! Overall a good answer to the assignment.

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