Election Day – are voters worried about COVID during voting? (prod. Sam Shaw, Daniel Jensen)

Election Day – Do voters feel safe from COVID

By Samuel Shaw and Daniel Tidemann Jensen

Voters have been making their way to polling stations across the region. But do any of them still have concerns over the risk of COVID and the factors of catching it at a polling station? Reporters Daniel Tidemann  and Sam Shaw head to Molevangskollen to put the question to the mayor and the public.

Over two years have passed since the pandemic began. In Denmark, the situation has vastly

improved since then. But more recently, concerns have risen yet again over rising cases across the country, as the winter months draw nearer. Just a few weeks ago, the necessity to show coronapas came back for nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

Right now the infection numbers are as high as above 3,000 per day.

So with this, are people concerned about the risks of COVID 19 during such a public event? We caught up with Jacob Bundsgaard, the Mayor of Aarhus who in 2017 was reelected with 39.841 votes, to find out his viewpoint upon the situation.

“I definitely think some will be worried, but we have taken all the precautions we could. We have

made sure that there is protective equipment available and that people can vote inside and

outside,” stated Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard. At Molevangskollen, there were indeed many COVID

precautions in place, such as a COVID 19 rapid testing site set up outside of the polling station. This was being used by many, who wanted to lean on the side of caution being around so many others.

Mayor Bundsgaard seemed to take the stance that COVID 19 may not be a big issue for polling stations, and this was mirrored by the voters seen on the day as well.

“I feel very safe and I have already been vaccinated twice,” stated Mogens, a retired musician from Aarhus. 

The overall sense here from the polling station is that voters is that COVID 19 is not anything to be

worried about. But if this will remain the same in the coming months, only time will tell.

sources – Jacob Bundsgaard, +45 8940 2100. E-mail: borgmester@aarhus.dk.

  • Tove Hansen, retired historian
  • Mogens Friis, retired musician
  • Did not acquire name for last source – younger woman in yellow coat

Audience – people in countries that are interested in elections and how COVID is impacting other regions.

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